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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has the largest extent of tropical rainforests in Africa, and second largest on earth, covering over 100 million hectares. Deforestation continues to be a major issue with agriculture, fuel wood, logging, mining, and hydroelectric projects posing the greatest threats.

The DRC is committed to taking action to reduce deforestation and mitigate climate change. DRC developed a REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP), which was signed in March 2010 and an Emission Reductions Program Idea Note (ER-PIN) for the Mai-Ndombe province, which was approved in June 2013.


Main donors, levels of funding committed and disbursed to DRC between 2009 and 2014:

Proportional total donor commitments and disbursements 2009-2014


Donor commitments by country and continent, 2009-2014

  • Proportional total donor commitments and disbursements 2009-2014

    Chart Description

    This chart shows the relative size of donor commitments to support REDD+ in DRC, and the proportion of each commitment that had been disbursed by the end of 2014. REDDX tracked 22 donors over the five year period, with commitments ranging from US$64 million to less than a quarter-million dollars. More than half of all donors were either multilaterals or donor governments, and together these two donor types contributed or managed 80% of all REDD+ finance tracked.

    The Congo Basin Forest Fund also channeled a large amount of funding (nearly US$36 million), and by the end of 2014 the fund had disbursed more than 80% of the funds it had committed to in-country recipients.

    A private sector company from the DRC, Nouvevelle Société d'Agriculture et d'élevage (NOVACEL), has committed US$2.7 million of its own money in co-financing to supplement a US$6.2 million grant that it received from the Congo Basin Forest Fund for the implemention of an agroforestry REDD+ pilot project.

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  • Donor commitments by country and continent, 2009-2014

    Chart Description

    The map above shows the geographic distribution of donors and donor governments having provided REDD+ funding commitments to DRC, and cumulative support by donor country and continent, as of the end of 2014. International multilateral donors or fund managers not linked to a specific geographic location are shown in purple.

    Internationally-based institutions have contributed or managed by far the largest portion of overall funding (US$182.2 million), followed by donors based in Europe (US$42.2 million), North America (US$25.8 million), Asia (US$11.3 million), and Africa (US$2.7 million).

    Among all countries, donors based in the United States collectively contributed more than donors based in any other single country globally. U.S.-based donors committed US$25.5 million, and included USAID, WildlifeWorks, Jadora & Safbois, and the Moore Foundation.